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Incorporated in 1989, Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd, are manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of a diverse range of Testing Equipments. Our offered range comprises of Permeation Testing Systems, Force and Strength Testing, and Hot Track and Seal Testers. We also provide testing services for our esteemed customers. Our offerings are extensively utilized in multiple industries for testing several materials on set parameters. These products are highly regarded in the industry for providing accurate results that help customers in determining the effectiveness of their products.

Our world class infrastructure has been instrumental in carrying out our operations in a smooth manner. Spread over a large area, it is equipped with high tech machines and several modern amenities. We have divided our entire facility into multiple units based on the functions performed by each unit. All these units work in close coordination with each other to achieve spectacular results. These units are managed by qualified expert professionals who are driven to perform to the best of their abilities. These dynamic individuals have been meticulously chosen for their expertise and attitude and provide a conducive work environment from our end. Working in a harmonized manner, these individuals ensure the achievement of organizational objectives within the given time frame.

We are a public limited company, functioning under the visionary guidance of "Ms. Yarina Gao", who, with her vast domain expertise and brilliant leadership skills, has taken the company to astounding heights. We are focused upon expanding our presence in the international arena within the coming few years.

Testing Scope

  1. Film permeability testing:
    • Oxygen permeability testing of various films
    • Nitrogen permeability testing of various films
    • Carbon dioxide permeability testing of various films
    • Water vapor permeability testing of various films
      Common testing materials:
      PE,LDPE,HDPE,PP,BOPP,CPP,PET,PA,EVOH,EVAL,PVC,PVDC,AL,KOP,KPET,KPA,KMF,aluminum plated PET, aluminum coated CPP, BOPP with matte surface treatment, PA/AL/CPP ,PA/PU, PET/AL/PA, PE/AL/PET, five-layer co-extrusion film, seven- layer co-extrusion film

  2. Oxygen permeability testing of various bottle package and bag package:
    Common testing products: beer bottle, coke bottle and mineral water bottle.

  3. Automotive interior decoration testing:
    • Fogging testing
      Scope of material:
      foamed materials, textile, non-woven fabrics, leatheroid, leather, instrument board, headlight, and cushion material, cotton cloth; Test the atomizing property of raw material in the state of liquid, paste, powder and solid.
    • Auto gas permeability testing
      Leather, leatheroid, non-woven fabrics, thermal insulating film, battery diaphragm of various kinds
    • Water vapor permeability testing
      Leather, leatheroid, non-woven fabrics, fabrics
    • Adhesive strength testing
      Various adhesive products

Rates of charges

Schedule of fees for testing items(F.1)

Item catalogue Item Testing method Testing standard Price (USD/sample)
(14 working days)
(7 working days)
Gas permeability test (film) Oxygen permeability Equal pressure ASTM D3985 ISO 15105-2 180 200
Differential pressure GB1038 ISO2556 ASTM D1434 ISO15105-1 80 100
Nitrogen permeability Differential pressure GB1038 ISO2556 ASTM D1434 ISO15105-1 100 120
Carbon dioxide permeability Differential pressure GB1038 ISO2556 ASTM D1434 ISO15105-1 100 120
Air permeability Differential pressure GB1038 ISO2556 ASTM D1434 ISO15105-1 80 100
others Conform to customer's requirement N/A
Water vapour permeability test (film) water Weighting method GB 1037 ASTM E96 80 100
Humidity sensor ASTM E398 ISO 15106-1 100 120
Electrolyse method ISO 15106-3 100 120
Finished container Oxygen permeability Equal pressure ASTM F1307 180 200
Automobile inner decoration parts test decoration Standard DIN75201 ISO 6452 SAE J1756 100 130
Others Common test such as tensile, strength, tearing, impact, coefficient of friction, heat seal and so on Conform to customer's requirement N/A

Note: about 'normal'

A - Testing period of specimen longer than two weeks is an exception
B - Testing cannot be carried out for unexpected factors is an exception

Things to be noted

  • Jinan Languang Lab is only responsible for testing data and will not involved in solving legal disputes.
  • Requirement of specimen:
    Appearance of specimen-
    No crease, no scratches, no pinholes and no contamination; package specimen without crumple, without contamination, without sloughing of permeable layer and no extrusion from outside force.
  • Specimen dimension :
    - Auto gas permeability testing -
    (O2N2CO2, etc) specimen dimension of differential pressure method=120mm 120mm VAC-V1 BTY-B1P
    - Oxygen permeability testing
    specimen dimension of equal pressure method=140mm& 140mm
    - Testing requirement of package -
    inner diameter of bottle mouth F13mm, external diameter F50mm
    - water vapor permeability testing -
    sensor method=110mm 180mm
    electrolyzing method =120mm 120mm
    cup method =120mm 120mm
    atomizing method =F80mm 6
    specimen member = three / specimen of each kind/testing of each kind
  • Customers should provide information such as the full name, specification, material ,batch number of specimen and information about whether specimen should be returned
  • Make clear the testing basis, testing standard and orientation of gas transmission

Testing report

If there is any objection about the testing data, customers should give a formal notification within ten days from the date on which testing report is provided. Deferred objection will not be accepted.

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